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Tips for Choosing a Professional Contractor


All home owners generally seek to hire a professional contractor at some point whether it is for necessity or desire. The success of any home improvement project is greatly dependent upon the contractor’s level of professionalism. It is also vital to the longevity of the end result that the person you hire is no less than an expert in the field. An untrained contractor will not only provide slapdash work, but will most likely create costly damages.

It is important to consider local contractors first because these individuals understand the local community. They will be familiar with the area’s weather as well as local building restrictions and zoning regulations. Companies from your neighborhood will be aware of all of the best suppliers and deals. There are couple items to review while looking for your next contractor.


A professional contractor should always inspect and discuss your plans prior to launching the physical portion of the project. He/she will want to hear your opinions and address all of your concerns. Someone who seems to have no time for your questions does not have your family’s best interest at heart. Your potential professional should also want to review your home’s budget with you. This is a key factor in your building and/or repair options. If during the interview the contractor seems impatient, you need to delete that number from your phone.

Our crew at Stark Builders, Inc. is always available for your questions and concerns. There is absolutely no way to meet our goal of complete client satisfaction without your input. We will take the time to carefully explain all of your options and every phase of your project. Our crew will provide you with a comprehensive timeline and progress updates along the way. We can also provide many cost cutting tips to increase the return on your budget. After all, you are investing in your home and we want you to receive the highest ROI possible.

One sign of a less than honest contractor is one who pressures you into unnecessary purchases. Most construction and building companies are reliable, but sad as it are there are at least a few crooks in every industry. When our crew reviews your project phase by phase we will expound upon each purchase individually as well as present you with alternatives. Our highest priority is satisfying you and your family.

Due Diligence

Home owners must perform at least some research prior to hiring any building crew. Home improvement projects are worthy investments and should be treated as such. Start by designing a list of potential hires and leave enough room for notes. Review the respective company websites as well as the individual contractor sites, if applicable. Professional contractors will not mind you reviewing their past clients and projects. In fact, most encourage this as they are quite proud of their reputations. Consider the list below.

  • Visit the business website and look for client comment pages.
  • Check to ensure the crew is properly licensed and insured.
  • Try typing the company name as well as each crew member into a search engine.
  • Once this is complete, personally interview all of the contractors.

Consider asking your potential hires for references and connect with their past customers. Ask those customers to rate the project upon completion including cost and scheduling. Ask if they would hire that particular contractor again and if they would recommend them to a family member.

Close the Deal

It is essential to have a written contract which clearly states every single detail. Carefully review it before signing and ask about anything that seems unclear. Never put your name on anything that you do not completely understand. If you have any questions at all, ask the contracting crew. Honest professionals will go above and beyond to ease your worries and clear your confusion. Look for the points listed below.

  • Phase by phase, as well as step by step task calendar
  • Clear price and detailed description of each cost
  • Plans or blueprints
  • Change of order clause
  • Explanation of dispute solution
  • Comprehensive guarantee
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