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Stark Builders, Inc. is made up of a team of talented professionals who provide Chicago, Illinois and neighboring areas with a wide variety of carpentry services. We use only premium quality wood materials from the finest suppliers in the market. Our expert team has your family and home covered whether you need a new set of custom built cabinets for your kitchen or a new room addition framed. It has been your loyalty which has propelled us forward through our astounding success and we strive to pay that forward every day.

We strive to use only sustainable business practices to provide our superior, yet affordable carpentry services. Our customer service is hands down unbeatable and nothing means more to us than 100% overall client satisfaction. Call Stark Builders, Inc. today and inquire about our exemplary custom carpentry services today to ask what we can craft for you.

Professional Carpentry Services

There are a number of different carpentry services available at Stark Builders, Inc. You can count on us as your number one source for any home improvement carpentry including customization. We take great pride in our exception talent, skill, and outstanding reputation. We are ranked at the top of all those in this industry because no other company can even come close to our workmanship. Our highest goal has always been to exceed complete client satisfaction on all levels.

Custom Crafted Cabinets

Every member on our team at Stark Builders, Inc. is specially trained in custom carpentry and one of the most popular services among our clients is customized kitchen cabinetry. The kitchen cabinets are often considered the center piece of any kitchen. One of the easiest ways to spruce up your kitchen is to have custom crafted cabinets installed. We can also install a new pantry as well as kitchen counter tops to match. Do not forget to ask about new cabinetry for your bathroom as well.

Custom Built-Ins

There is a world of possibilities when it comes to built-in storage and it may be utilized to maximize the space in any room. Our carpenters are amazingly talented and creative. It is important to make the most of all of the unused space in your home, especially for very large families. Empty space can be transformed into all types of useful storage space such as custom built entertainment device storage, hidden drawers, and strategically placed shelving.

Call Stark Builders now and allow us to inspect your empty space going to waste in your home so we can tell you about all of your exciting storage options. One example is turning your family den into a library as well. We would be happy to come to your home and custom craft book shelves into the walls of your den. This means getting a new library without sacrificing your den or any other space currently in use. We can also custom build your entertainment storage into your living room walls. Talk to us about installing a home office or linen closet under your stairs and custom crafting the handrails for your staircase while we are visiting.

Doors and Windows

Stark Builders, Inc. offers custom, professional door and window installation services. Our expert carpentry team can hang interior and exterior doors as well as French, sliding, and bi-fold doors. Owners with older home may sometimes find it difficult to find standard or prefab doors and windows that actually fit. Proper fitting, installation, and sealing are all extremely important. This is the most common area where homes lose energy. Gaps can allow cold and warm air to escape dramatically increasing energy costs. We are familiar with how quickly the weather in Chicago can change as well as how unpredictable it can be. We can help you decide which types of windows and doors can help reduce your energy consumption.

Crown Moldings and Baseboards

Crown molding and baseboard installation may seem relatively simple at first glance; however, this is not always the case. It can present some challenges at times and requires a certain knack, a great deal of skill, and steadfast patience. This task demands very precise dimensions because the tiniest miscalculation can result in an unsightly disaster.

Our team members enjoy their ability to be creative while providing custom carpentry services. This particular project also allows home owners a bit of creativity. Crown molding and baseboards offers a wide array of design choices. Place your artistic demands in our creative and caring hands. We have the talent and skill to provide your home with seamless symmetry. Allow us to get started on your project and craft some magic for you today.

Custom Hardwood Flooring

Stark Builders, Inc. offers custom hardwood flooring which is another of our very popular services. Hardwood flooring provides a certain elegant sophistication that is nearly unmatched by any other type of flooring. There is a special technique and knowledge required for installing hardwood floors. One wrong calculation will ruin the entire floor. We can visit your home and begin your hardwood flooring installation today. We guarantee our services will not only be the most affordable in the industry, but also the most professional.

Custom New Construction Services

Framing is often referred to as rough custom carpentry and our team at Stark Builder, Inc. is some of the finest crafters in the industry. Every team member is highly trained in carpentry and we provide professional framing service at the lowest end cost possible to our clients. We can not only frame, but custom build a new room addition for your home as well.

Our list of expert carpentry services is extensive. We will visit your site and discuss your plans with you. We will review your home budget and provide you with top dollar value for the smallest cost. We never make building suggestions solely for profit. We strive to find an exact fit for our clients according to budget. Your satisfaction is our end goal and your opinions are very important to us. Call Stark Builders today and ask what our carpentry contractors can do for your family today.

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