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Stark Builders, Inc. has been serving the Chicago area for many wonderful years. We provide a large variety of specialized painting and drywall services. We are ranked at the top of all renovation and new construction companies. We value our clients first and the exceptional reputation they have helped us develop fills us with great pride.

Chicago, Illinois is our home and we strive to take a responsible hand in our community’s growth and success. Every decision that our company makes is based upon the sustainability of our community and the satisfaction of our clientele. This includes our painting and drywall services among many others. We would be delighted to help you with you next home improvement project.

Benefits of Drywall

Drywall is used for almost every building project today. It is one of the most versatile and commonly utilized materials in the entire world. This is due to the many benefits of using drywall for construction. Consider the following top four advantages of drywall.

Prior to the advent of drywall most all builders used plaster walls which required a great deal more time and did not provide nearly as many options. The introduction of drywall opened the door to many new and creative possibilities. A home improvement project using this material can measurably increase the value of your home. Not only is it more adaptable than other materials, it is often much easier to repair.

The advent of drywall also brought about improved energy efficiency. Drywall itself acts as a form of insulation helping to maintain the temperature of the room and your entire home. In the past paneling was often used; however, it cannot compare to the energy efficiency of drywall. In addition to being a money saving option the decorating choices for drywall are endless.

Drywall is one of the most fire resistant materials used in construction today. Many other materials allow fires to spread quickly endangering your family and home. Drywall actually helps retain and retard the flame. Choosing drywall could very well save your life and property.

Not only is drywall versatile and one of the most aesthetically pleasing options, it is one of the most cost effective alternatives available on the current market. The cost of this material makes it a wonderful and affordable option regardless of how small your budget may be. It is also simple to redecorate six months or five years down the road by simply repainting. There is no need to replace entire walls or sections. Drywall is gentler on your bank account when the repair time arises. It is a simple, quick, and inexpensive process which many do it yourselfers actually enjoy completing.

Drywall Casualties

It is true that drywall is one of the strongest materials for construction on the market, but it is not invulnerable. There are a handful of common destructive situations. Termite infestation; water leaks; concentrated impacts; and stress cracks all have the potential to cause damage.

Broken pipes, defective plumbing, and flooding can completely destroy drywall. These types of issues should be immediately and professionally addressed. Left to their own devices mold and mildew will continue to spread while causing extensive destruction. Stark Builders, Inc. is very familiar with the signs of water damage and can expediently resolve these types of issues.

When a home settles, which is a normal occurrence over time, it can cause stress cracks to form. One likely place this occurs is along the length of the seams of your home. Stress cracks can, of course, occur in just about any location.

The termite is a natural enemy of drywall and this insect will seek out the dark, moist areas of your home to nest. After you have contacted your exterminator, call us and allow our team to repair your drywall damage. We can have your home looking new and beautiful again in no time.

Sealant is often used for minute repairs; however, it is not sufficient for larger areas such as impact damage or extensive water damage. These types of damage require more intense care, time, and money. Addressing this problem as quickly as possible will save future costs for repairs or, eventually, replacement.

The crew at Stark Builders, Inc. is knowledgeable about what signs to look for to determine the cause and extent of the damage to your drywall. We can efficiently perform any required repairs for an affordable cost. Give our team a call and allow us to shoulder this burden. We guarantee your complete satisfaction. Allow us to beautify your home using methods which will help your home endure for many years to come.

Stark Builders, Inc. is Unmatched

The Stark Builders team consists of intensely trained and highly experienced professional contractors. We have complete licensure and are well aware of the local weather patterns in the Chicago area. We can advise you which permits are required to comply with state and local building codes. Our professionals can provide the following drywall services and much more: Patch Work, Mend, Install, Restore, Re-Plaster.

Expert Painting Services

Stark Building, Inc. has expanded exponentially since our launch and we know we owe this to two very important factors. One is our loyal and valuable customers. The other is our dedication to superior quality work. All of the contractors on our team are not only professionally skilled painters, each also has great attention to details. Our painter go the extra mile to ensure even the tiniest detail is absolutely perfect. We attend to every customer’s needs with the exact same respect and care no matter how large or small they may be. We can visit your home to paint a single room or the entire house. We will start by inspecting the site and presenting you with all of your painting options. We work strictly with your budget and complete your painting project as expediently as possible. Contact one of the members of the Stark Building team today and allow us to assist you with your new painting project or any other type of construction project you have in mind.

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