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A Little about Us

We are a residential remodeling and custom home building company. Our unwavering dedication is to providing our customers with top notch products and professional building services. We started out in Chicago, Illinois with big dreams, ambition, and determination. The unfaltering loyalty of our clients was and remains the back bone of our exponentially growing success.

Humble Beginnings

Stark Builders, Inc. was founded on a number of very important principles, values, and beliefs. These values are our driving force and continue to propel us forward on the path of success. We pride ourselves upon our honesty, true to form old world craftsmanship, and attentive stewardship of the owner’s investment. Our focus is working for owners, architects, and designers who value the same guiding principles. We will only settle for the absolute best of the best for our clients.

Details are Our Specialty

There are numerous details involved in even the smallest remodeling or construction project. The process can quickly become extremely overwhelming. Our professional team members are here to assist you with all of the details and procedures concerning your new project. As mentioned, we are knowledgeable about the local building regulations and codes in the area. While permits are a small element, they are vital to the success of any project. Noncompliance of any of these regulations could mean heavy fines and huge out of packet expenses.

Continued Success and Growth

From the very beginning Stark Builders, Inc. has been offering a diverse array of building, remodeling, and construction services in Chicago as well as a number of other areas in the United States. Our top priorities are our clients and their complete satisfaction. We go above and beyond to not simply meet, but exceed our clients’ expectations. We are tediously attentive to every single detail of all of our projects regardless of how small or uncomplicated.

We Expect No Less than What We Give

Stark Builders, Inc. only works with companies, suppliers, and designers who employ sustainable practices as an integral element of their businesses. We use the most eco-friendly methods available for all of our projects from the smallest detail to the largest endeavor. The environment of, not just Illinois, but the world, is extremely important to all of us and our children. We strive to implement business practices which leave the smallest footprint humanly possible.

Environmental and Money Savings are High Priorities

Stark team members will also provide you with options which can cut costs in the long run. These could be simple and inexpensive measures such as adding insulation during remodeling. These added elements may present a small cost in the beginning, but save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run. We are well educated in green and energy saving methods as well as products. We take a great deal of hassle and frustration out of the equation for you. Our team members will investigate all avenues and options then present only the cream of the crop to your family.

What We Do

Stark Builders, Inc. offers a wide range of construction and building services to residential clients. We provide professional, expert services to all of our clients for all of their projects regardless of complexity or simplicity, vast or minute. We strive to complete your project within the smallest time frame, for the lowest price, with only high quality supplies and products. We will never leave you hanging once the job is complete.

We treat all of our clients with the utmost respect, as neighbors, and team members. We have the same goals of working together to nurture our community for exponential growth and economical success. Take a look at the expert construction services we offer.

Kitchen Remodeling

 Bathroom Remodeling

 Hardwood/Laminate Flooring

 Ceramic Tile Installation

 Drywall & Painting

 Finished Basements





We invite you to call one of our expert team members today and inquire about our construction services. We will be thrilled to assist you with your new home improvement project. Feel free to contact us at any time whether you are an existing customer with concerns or are considering a construction project. If you have questions or comments, call us and we will do our best to address them to your complete satisfaction. After all, you are at the very core of our remarkable success.

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