Installing and repairing tile is complex, demanding work – allow AMRO Construction to tackle the job, resulting in a flooring solution that is both visually appealing and within the budget. We have the extensive knowledge and experience to handle a wide range of commercial tile flooring scenarios to help your business present a professional image.

Everyone wants a reliable company which they can depend on to the best, not just merely install and repair tile flooring. For this reason, AMRO Construction stands above all the others. Select a company that is trusted by countless satisfied customers to take on commercial projects with unflinching professionalism and with stunning results.

The AMRO Construction team is staffed with highly trained craftsmen that will guarantee a quick and easy placement of tile and expertise where it is needed. Our company prides itself on providing unparalleled customer service in every step of the process, from planning and tile selection to implementation and completion. We take great care to maintain quality controls with our tiles, making sure clients get exactly the colors, styles and textures they desire, to ensure the best results.

AMRO Construction is the top choice in commercial tile installation and repair projects for thriving businesses. Our expert craftsmen provide the highest standard in quality at prices that are unstoppable, without the typical hidden charges and fees. Do not waste time with flooring companies that are not prompt and reliable – have AMRO Construction install and repair quickly so your business can back to doing what it does best. It is obvious that AMRO Construction is focused on its commercial clients, with a proven track record of quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service.



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