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The team at Stark Builders, Inc. is well trained and experienced in all of the elements concerned with home renovation and construction. We are also experts at installing all styles of flooring for your home. We can satisfy any and all of your flooring needs at bottom dollar for the highest value. We only use the top quality brands to complete flooring installation and repair. Our team is guaranteed to provide affordable service in the timeliest manner possible.

Stark Builders, Inc. only conducts business with the most qualified designers and best suppliers in the industry. Our company bases all of its decisions on eco-friendly and sustainable methods. We expect no less from those we team with during the course of our projects. We try our best to only use resources which are either recycled or recyclable. Our objective is to provide exactly what you and your family need while leaving behind the smallest footprint possible.

Inspection and Planning are Key

The keys to the success of any project are planning and inspection. We will visit your home and inspect it to determine if any steps must be taken prior to installing your new flooring. We will carefully look for damage to or soft spots in your floors. We are trained to install subflooring to reinforce it if it is required. We will inform you if there are an underlying issues and advise you about the most effective way to address them. Rest assured we will ensure that your home’s flooring is in tip top shape before installing any hard wood or laminate flooring. This will dramatically increase the beauty and longevity of your new floor. Some of the issues that we will look for are water damage and insect infestation as well as normal wear and tear.

Floor Options

Your home budget determines the number of purchase options that will be available to you. We can guide you through your purchase and style alternatives. Our goal is to provide services which suit you, your family, and your home. We proceed on a project by project basis and tailor yours to fit your unique situation. No two families or flooring projects are exactly the same. There are always a number of variables concerned in these types of projects. You will have many exciting decisions to make whether you choose laminate or hard wood for your home.

You are the Design Lead

Many home owners opt for hard wood flooring instead of laminate because of its exquisite beauty. Hardwood can often add a touch of class and elegance. This type of flooring is generally more expensive when compared to others. It may also be less durable, especially if it is not cared for properly.

Laminate flooring usually costs less than hardwood and offers nearly as many design choices. Homes with small children opt for laminate because it stands up to wear and tear while being simple to clean. Our goal is to help you determine which option is best for your home and family. All home improvement projects should be considered home investments. These decisions should be given the same careful research and reflection as any other type of investment.

Our team is highly trained and has extensive experience installing most all types of flooring. We will carefully go over all of your options as well as their pros and cons. We would also be delighted to install hardwood in your den, laminate in your kitchen, and ceramic tile in your bathroom. You are the design lead and the choice is yours. Just let us know what you have in mind so we can begin your new flooring project today.

Prep for Installation

The first few steps are inspection, review, and decisions. Once we know what choices are available and which you want we can provide you with an affordable flooring estimate. During the next phase we will inform you of any preparation steps you and your family should take as well as any other prep we must complete. We will also install any subfloors, if they are required. Rest assured we will not recommend them unless they are necessary. We will never waste a cent of your budget.

Remember that floor installation is not the only service that we offer. We will be happy to completely redesign your kitchen cabinets or build a new home addition for you while we are installing your new floors. We only provide honest estimates and professional quality services for all of our clientele. Call Stark Builders, Inc. today so that we can discuss your next exciting home investment project.

Inspired Options

There are many varied options for redesigning your home’s interior. We can help you plan your family’s dream home from the floor up. We are highly trained in energy saving green building tips. One of the biggest factors in home improvement decisions today is ecology. We can help you sort through the options of which green building materials to purchase while still being durable and affordable. In some case these choices allow for home owner tax breaks. Our expert team will carefully consider your family and guide your choices through the best possible purchases. We guarantee we will find the highest value for every dollar that you spend.

Expedient and Efficient

Stark Builders, Inc. is well aware of exactly how valuable your time is. The modern family leads an extremely full and busy life. This often leaves little quality time for them. Our team can shoulder most of the burden and responsibility leaving you time to attend to more important matters. We will complete your project in the least amount of time with the fewest interruptions to your daily life as possible.

Our team keeps in constant communication with each other and your family. We will provide you with timely progress reports and scheduling updates. We hold your satisfaction and loyalty above all else. You will find that our integrity and craftsmanship are unmatched. We always go the extra mile to not only meet, but completely exceed your expectations. We are dedicated to the well-being and growth of our community. After all, Chicago is our home too.

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